A thoughtfully prepared estate plan can bring tremendous peace of mind. An estate plan helps ensure the money and other assets we’ve work hard for are preserved and passed on to the loved ones or charitable organizations you care about. But, a well-crafted estate plan can address many other concerns we might have.

A well-crafted estate plan can, among other things:

  • Provide security for your spouse as he or she continues with life solo.
  • Empower children to pursue their dreams while making financial resources available for major life events.
  • Provide for children and grandchildren in a way that guards against overspending and helps them learn to wisely manage their money.
  • Provide for children in a way that encourages harmony and family unity rather than discord.
  • Provide for a favorite charitable organization whose mission you have supported during your lifetime.
  • Identify those you trust to carry out your plan and make healthcare decisions if you are unable to do so.
  • Identify guardians for minor children.
  • Plan for unexpected circumstances such as incapacity.

We want our loved ones to live full lives in which they prosper emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Estate planning is one step we can take toward that goal. 

The initial phone call to an estate planning attorney can bring a sense of relief. While planning requires us to speak about money, face our mortality, and share our hopes, dreams, and concerns about loved ones or charitable organizations we wish to benefit, finding a trusted and respected estate planning attorney allows us to speak with candor about these topics.

We understand our clients have a range of concerns as they enter into the process of planning their estate. So, we’re here to listen first, answer questions, and work with our clients to develop a plan that addresses those concerns. Communication, professional, thoughtful, and personalized service that meets individual client needs and gives our clients peace of mind are our goals.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation if you need to plan your estate or update an existing estate plan.  

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